Who is CLC?

A Discerning Community

Our modern lives are busy, filled with many distractions and calls for our attention. Our family, work, church, neighbourhood, friends, and our own personal needs all make legitimate demands on our energies. It is often difficult to keep our priorities

The Christian Life Community (CLC) way of life invites us to live a live in fullness in all the various aspects of our everyday life, reflect on these experiences, and react in ever more authentic ways within our individual lives and our communal lives.


We are a worldwide movement of Christians “who want to follow Jesus Christ more closely and work with Him” to build God’s reign. We seek to bear witness “to those human and Gospel values … which affect the dignity of the person, the welfare of the family and the integrity of creation … especially aware of the pressing need to work for justice through a preferential option for the poor and a simple life style.”

As a “particular vocation with the church” and “to prepare ourselves more effectively for apostolic witness and service in our daily environment, we assemble in community those who feel a more urgent need to unite their human life in all its dimensions with the fullness of their Christian faith” (GP-4). “We hold the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius as the specific source and the characteristic instrument of our spirituality … which opens and disposes us to whatever God wishes in each concrete situation of our daily life.” (GP-5)

In short, we envision ourselves as missioned, discerning communities. “The field of CLC mission knows no limits; it extends both to the church and the world, in order to bring the Gospel of salvation to all people .. by opening hearts to conversion and struggling to change oppressive structures.”

Who is the European CLC?

Cooperation among National CLC Communities in Europe led to the feeling of the need for a stable structure to enable CLC National Communities to face common situations using our common European reality. This European structure was set up in the 1960’s

Delegates from CLC European National communities meet in the European Assembly held every five years. The European Assembly serves as a means to ensure a continuous growth process within the European CLC context. It also deals with matters related to internal and external aspects of European CLC such as the definition of European CLC common activities, guidelines evaluations etc.

During the European Assembly the Euroteam is chosen. This is a discernment and service community called to assist the European National Communities, in cooperation with the CLC World Executive Community. The Euroteam organises, co-ordinates activities of interest to European CLC members. It also helps to communicate and support CLC activities in Europe.

The CLC National communities appoint a Eurolink to be their contact person at European level. The EuroTeam calls a meeting for the Eurolinks at least once every two years. The last meeting was in Rome, in October 2007. The next meeting will be held from 4 to 7 November 2010 in Hungary.