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Who we are?

Christian Life Community is a lay organization, has a common way of life based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. We have members in all walks of life and provide space for members to grow in humanity and in relation to God.


Christian Life Community (CLC) in Europe


Cooperation among National CLC Communities in Europe led to the establishment of a European structure in the 1960’s. Delegates from CLC European National communities meet in the European Assembly held every five years in order to deal with matters related to internal and external aspects of European CLC such as common activities, guidelines evaluations etc.


European Assembly in Regensburg in 2014

During the European Assembly the Euroteam is elected. The Euroteam organises, co-ordinates activities of interest to European CLC members. It also helps to communicate and support CLC activities in Europe. The current Euroteam is made up of Luisa Bonetti, from CLC Italy, Claudine Drochon (France), Ann Sieuw (Flemish Belgium) and Bianka Speidl (Hungary). The Euroteam also has a Guide who is currently Fr. Vincent Magri Sj from Malta. The Euroteam meets about three times a year.


Euroteam’s meeting in Cavareno in 2015

The CLC National communities appoint a Eurolink to be their contact person at European level. The EuroTeam calls a meeting for the Eurolinks at least once every two years. The last meeting was held from 23 to 25 October 2015 in Slovenia.

CLC is a discerning community.

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CLC is a worldwide movement