Report on the Euro Team’s work and commitment from Regensburg 2014 until spring 2016


European Assembly in Lille, France 2004

A one-page overview of the meeting: Lille as it was
Report from the Euroteam
Report from the National Communities
Working group topics
Working group recommendations
Final recommendations

European Assembly in Alicante, Spain 2009

Report from the Euroteam
Final document English | French

EU Link meetings

Eurolink meeting in Leanyfalu, Hungary. November 2010
Eurolink meeting in Rome, October 18-21, 2007
Eurolink Meeting in Limburg, October 13-16, 2005

E.A. meetings

Meeting of National Assistants in Vilnius (Lithuania), November 2011
Meeting of National Assistants in Gent (Belgium), January 2007
Other events
International Holiday Week: August, 2010 – Tannenlohe, Germany
Young Adult Holidays – Palermo August 2007