Report on the Euro Team’s work and commitment until spring 2016

January 2016

The Euroteam is a coordinator on the level of ‘leading all National Communities in a further process to become CLC and to achieve the decisions of the World Community. The Euroteam has to lead all communities towards the ‘frontiers’ as the World Assembly suggested to us.

Furthermore, the Euroteam tries to achieve a ‘typically European mission’, such as giving answers on spiritual questions on a very basic level.
We have our meetings twice a year, in February and in August, depending on school holidays. We exchange frequent emails and usually have a skype meeting once a month.

Regensburg, May 2014.

The new Euro Team was elected at the CLC European Assembly: Ann Sieuw from Belgium Flanders, Luisa Bonetti from Italy, Claudine Drochon from France and Bianka Speidl from Hungary. F. Pierre Meyers s.j., the former Euro Team’s E.A., assisted us spiritually and help transition. The Assembly entrusted a few priorities to the E.T’s commitment: Youth, Migrants, Formation and Ecumenism.

Strasbourg 25–28. August 2014. In our first coming together we introduced ourselves and, assisted by F. Pierre, we devote time to prayer and discernment to ask for God’s grace in our service to the Community. Then we agreed on aims and goals of the E.T, allocated tasks among ourselves and also communities we particularly keep in touch with, according to cultural and geographical proximity. We worked on editing the Final Document of the European Assembly and discerned on the CLC European priority: the involvement of young adults. We decided on updating our website and social media, planed the steps to look for a new E.A. and our forthcoming meeting in February, 2015.

November 2014: Bianka and Claudine took part in the meeting of the European Migration Network in Luxemburg as delegates of the E.T.

Christmas 2014: we sent the E.T’s wishes and greetings to all European communities.

Rome 20-22 February 2015

In the second meeting of the E.T. we welcomed Spain’s offer to coordinate the European Migration Network.

We defined our role and involvement in this issue and action and promote a triangle system: Spain as coordinator, Bianka and Claudine on behalf of the E.T. follows up communication and Carlo and Laura from CLC Italy participate in the organization of the Sicily project. We met Carlo and his wife M. Letizia who featured the first steps and main characteristics of the European Migration project in Ragusa (Sicily), a missionary camp they have prepared with other Italian CLC members.

We met the WEXCO, gathered for their yearly meeting in the same place, in the evening. They asked us to be involved as a channel to all European communities. After introducing ourselves and our aim and work so far, and after listening to them and their commitment, we discussed the issues of migration, membership, commitment and ecumenism.

We decided to turn to Vincent Magri s.j. from Malta, to ask him to be our E.A. after having already contacted other three Jesuits, who have not been able to accept our proposal.

We started planning the Eurolink meeting 2015 and discussing aims and expectations. It was planned to be in Slovenia 23-25 October on “The involvement of young people “. We decided to invite a young person along with each Eurolink participant and wanted to invite a good speaker on communicating with the young. We asked F. Nikolaas Sintobin sj as guest speaker and he accepted the invitation immediately. We discussed the invitation letter and the questionnaire for Eurolinks and Presidents. We decided to invite young people from national communities to learn about good practices and to set up workshops.

March 2015: F. Vincent Magri s.j. from Malta became our new E.A. We thanked him and his Provincial for accepting this challenge and additional commitment and for their willingness to cooperate with the lay. We are very grateful to F. Pierre Meyers from Luxemburg who has been a caring and wise counsellor and spiritual guide.

Easter greetings to the communities

End of April: CLC Italy invited CLC members from European countries to join their National Assembly and, in particular, the hearing Pope Francesco has granted to CLC. Members from 6 European communities came, and after the hearing we had a short friendly meeting at Borgo S.Spirito in Rome with updates on European CLC and the E.T.’s objectives.

Cavareno (Italy) 14- 18 August 2015

We started focusing on the frame and the content of the website, and decided that a colleague of Bianka would set up the website, he will also instruct Bianka, and we agreed on the amount we pay for this job.

We worked on the content, schedule and practical details of the Eurolink meeting in Slovenia: F. Nikolaas Sintobin from Flanders accepted our invitation to speak about You Tube as a way of apostolate and mission especially with young people.

CLC Slovenia was to be our hosts and provide help in the arrangement of the meeting. We planned the work groups and plenary sessions, presentations. F. Vincent joined us for the first time and we enjoyed his presence and contribution. We focused on the topics and symbols of the EL meeting. We tried to give a sense of unity to the meeting and make it a remarkable experience that answers the needs of young people attending. Prayers, raising awareness, meditations and the daily Eucharist was to be pivotal and inspiring moments. We arranged to stay at Hisa Kruha, a convent of the Ursuline Order at Svety Duh, a small village north of Ljubljana. We briefly considered the questionnaires that had already been answered. We worked out a timing and assigned tasks to be done in preparation and the roles to be taken up during the meeting.

The place (Luisa’s home) helped us work hard and pleasantly at the same time: we used big sheets of paper as blackboards on the windows. We also manage to take a break and visit an 8th century chapel in the countryside with frescoes, where, while celebrating Mass, we reinforced our sense of commitment for the Community and our friendship in the Lord.

Eurolink Meeting 2015 Hisa Kruha, Slovenia 21-24 October

We went through an intense process:

  • a review on our own reality based on the answers of the questionnaires

  • the presentation of Good Practices (Portugal, Belgium Fr, France and the Sicily Project)

  • which made us feel enriched

  • we looked forward to new possibilities: Fr. Nikolaas explained his You Tube meditation for young people at the Frontiers (and for all interested)

  • we draw conclusions as national communities and considered new perspectives: spreading Fr. Nikolaas’s method of meditation/spiritual awareness and growth, starting an Erasmus link for university students to join a CLC community abroad.

The meetings proved to be a very positive experience with valuable contributions from young people. We enjoy a warm welcome and cooperation from CLC Slovenia and the Sisters hosting us.

Networking is often advocated as a necessity, and a few ideas to reach young people were presented. The networking could be enhanced by the contribution of a young person in the E.T., to integrate into CLC Europe’s structure.

F. Sintobin’s presentation stirred interest and engagement so the recommendation is to let people know about this method and possibly try it out.

E.T. Meeting February 2016 Madrid

Bianka unfortunately could not with us because of her father had just passed away. We were close in prayer and thoughts. On Thursday evening she managed to join us via skype and we caught up with personal news and a spiritual reflection on our recent life: deeply involved and moved we listen to Bianka sharing her experience of “finite and infinite meeting in life “.

Then we discussed the evaluation of our involvement as E.T. and then reflected on a “profile” for the person we’d like to co-opt.

Euroteam in Madrid working with the Spanish Migration Team

We devoted the whole Friday to a brainstorming to try and understand our way of proceeding (i.e. our priorities) in the coming 3 years of our mandate. We followed a method and proceeded through pros and cons, prayed together and then spent time individually to meditate on the material Vincent had provided. At the end of the day we had pooled ideas, feelings and expectations but had no clear answers yet.

On Saturday 13 February, the Spanish Exco and the Migration Network welcomed us and we got to know each other. We learnt about their organization and their activities, their apostolic teams and main objectives. We also learnt about their formal collaboration agreement with the Society of Jesus and their relationship with other European communities. We devoted some time to a carefully prepared prayer and proceeded to the evaluation of the E. M. Network and, in particular, of the Ragusa project.

On Sunday morning we tried to focus on shared assessments as to Youth, Migration, EAs and Formation.

In 2015 Ann has visited a CLC community in Holland, has travelled to Ireland to meet CLC members there and has taken part in a meeting in Germany, Luisa has taken part in the Delegates’ meeting in Salzburg (Austria)