At the Frontiers with Asylum Seekers

We are happy to announce the successful start of the project  “At the Frontiers with asylum seekers”.

We have guides from Belgium Flanders, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, Switzerland and volunteers willing to assist the project as members of the teams from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Egypt and the Netherlands. There are still vacancies especially for the autumn period.

For updates on the project and for vacancies please Click here

As for the finances of the Project, Ann Sieuw, treasurer of the EuroTeam, has asked for contributions from all CLC European Communities .
The money can be transferred to the central Euro Team bank account mentioning “Sicily camp fund”. It is the same bank account to which all European yearly contributions are sent.
In the annual report all communities can see the different contributions and will be able to verify those for the Migration Project.
The money for the project will then be transferred by Ann to the dedicated Italian bank account. For details on donations please Click here

If you want to learn more about the Project please Click here and read Laura’s letter dated July, which contains important information.


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