Euroteam met in Belgium, Flanders

Between 26-28 August 2016 the Euroteam met in Brugge. The very intensive schedule included a social evening with CLC members from the Netherlands, members of Flemish and French speaking CLC in Belgium and Denis Dobbelstein from the WExco. For the summary of the meeting please

Involving youth confirmed as our priority, we would like to organize a formation and capacity building holiday week for young adults who are members of CLC and committed to attract like minded peers with a background in Ignatian spirituality. For this, we need to create a platform to which all European national communities are invited so that young people and prepared adults come together to listen to the perspectives of youngsters and formulate European and national responses. Therefore the EuroTeam decided to organize a formation holiday FOR, ON, WITH Youth. A week (between 18 and 23 August 2017) at Manresa House, Gozo, Malta dedicated to prayer, formation and of course, fun. To this we invite 2 or 3 participants from each national community. The EuroTeam expects information on the fruits and follow up of the meeting in Hise Kruha from the participants.

Another key topic was the CLC project in Ragusa and the facilitation of the work done by the Migration Network. The EuroTeam is considering to set up an APOSTOLIC FUND for apostolic needs, be it Migration or other crucial issues of our time. In this, sensitivity to people in need in Europe should be the criterion.

As for the EuroTeam’s suggestion on a meeting of Ecclesiastical Assistants, it need further elaboration. Our current proposal is one that includes EAs along with ELs and one young person from each community focusing on spiritual formation. We would like to answer also: how we can help cooperation between the CLC and Jesuits, and how can lay CLC-ers and Jesuits together help Youth in Europe.

Other topics included a decision on an ESDAC retreat for the members of the Euro-Team in Paris, to launch a call for a young person – with experience in youth work – who is ready to be co-opted in the work of the Euro Team. A letter on the contributions from the national communities was to be sent to the NCs at autumn 2016 and better communication is to be realized from the part of the EuroTeam with the communities especially through the website and Facebook.

With Denis Dobbelstein we talked about the relationship between the ET and the WexCo, and the role of us as a regional team, especially when European events are concerned.