The EuroTeam had its first annual meeting in 2017 in Rome

The primary aim of the meeting was to draft a programme for the Youth Formation Week in Malta to be held in August. During our stay, we had a fruitful conversation with the World Exco focusing on harmonising the organisation of events of international relevance that take place in Europe.  

We got updated on the project “At the frontiers with asylum seekers” organised and managed by the Italian CLC, which got refashioned in 2017 responding to the needs and capacities.

The Euro Team agreed on a communication protocol which introduces monthly newsletters sent to the national communities. In these newsletters we will collect the links (on this Website and on the most important news of the previous months, to raise attention and to better inform the members of the European CLC family. For this, we ask the contribution of the national communities with news in English and photos for illustration.

The members of the Euro Team got invitations from many communities and we are doing our best to realise the visits offered and requested.

The Euro Team decided to take the preliminary steps for organising a gathering of European CLC presidents, Euro Links and Ecclesiastical Assistants to be held in February, 2018 – with the aim to offer aspects for consideration in the preparation for the World Assembly of 2018.

We request updates from the communities in Slovakia, Croatia, Romania to get better informed about their situation and concerns.