CLC-CVX (Christian Life Community) in Europe, through its Migration Network, wishes to condemn all forms of violence against harmless men, women, and children in need of international protection at the Eastern borders of the European Union. Our CLC communities across the EU witness with sorrow and anger the unfolding of yet another humanitarian — and human — tragedy close to our homes.

As Christians, we stand firmly by the side of all those fleeing war, persecution and extreme poverty. In our daily service as CLC communities, we witness the beauty of the encounter with those who join our local communities. We are committed to promoting respect for the fundamental human rights of all individuals. We work restlessly to create more welcoming and inclusive societies across Europe.

We observe in disbelief that the measures taken by European political leaders continue to instrumentalise the plight of refugees for political calculations, include violent push-backs, and frame asylum management as a security threat.

The European Union is obliged to uphold the rights of all refugees and migrants by protecting them from violence at the borders and ensuring that they can apply for international protection.

In the light of the above, we as Christian Life Community in Europe urge Belarus to stop the instrumentalisation of migrants for political purposes and all forms of violence against them.
At the same time, we urge Polish authorities, other EU Member States and European institutions to act immediately to:

  • restore international law and fundamental human rights at the Eastern border of the EU by stopping push-backs and ensuring safe and legal pathways to apply for international protection;
  • allow immediate access for local and international humanitarian organisations to the restricted border area, to deliver much-needed medical and legal assistance;
  • allow international observers and independent media in the restricted border area.

Europe is in no way under siege or threatened in its way of life and welfare. Policies that frame migration and displacement as security threats erode protection for the oppressed and treat human rights as privileges for a few.

European CLC Migration Network – CLC in Europe