Statement in support of all people fleeing war crimes in Ukraine

CLC Europe stands firmly on the side of all those who are fleeing Ukraine. All CLC members will keep their doors open for all refugees in this time of need.

CLC is also committed to ensuring that the plight of the Ukrainian people will not be forgotten as the conflict enters its second month of fighting and alleged war crimes.

Let us not forget the suffering of the other

Let us not forget to feel for the suffering of the people on the run…on trains, trucks, boats

Let us not forget the pain of separation for families

Let us not forget that running from one’s country can bring untimely death

Let us not forget that peace and justice are fragile, and we need strength and faith to keep on building them

Let us remember the families who cannot leave their country, or run to safety

Let us remember to put ourselves

in the shoes of the child who is cold, crying, who lost his toys, his bicycle, his father

Let us not forget to trust in God, in the Eucharist and in salvation for all of us

Let us remember hope

Let us pray for those suffering, afraid, lonely

Let us pray to get generous, kind, and that our heart remains open to the other

Let us pray that our trust and faith never leave us