Pentacost Vigil

People from many nations and languages prayed together at Pentecost. It sounds like the Ignatian family. Join us 30th May at and choose your time #TogetherAMDG #IgnatianPentecost

  • The half-hour prayer vigil will take place at three separate times to accommodate the global Ignatian family across time zones. Join us at either 8:00 PM (Asia Pacific, Manila time), 8:00 PM (EMEA, Rome/Madrid time), or 8:00 PM (the Americas, New York/Santiago Time).
  • Find more information at
  • Come to the vigil with an open heart, your prayer intentions, and a candle that you will light.
  • Between now and May 30: Pray daily for God’s Holy Spirit to come powerfully among us. Invite your friends and networks to join the vigil Share your own prayers in advance on social media with #IgnatianPentecost and #TogetherAMDG