Caring for Asylumseekers: International CLC Meeting in Linz, Austria

Last year a group of Austrian CLC members started an initiative to support asylumseekers in Austria. On Febr 24 – 26, 2017 an international meeting assembled CLC members from all over Austria, Germany and Agnes Rausch from Luxemburg, Afghanistan and Lebanon in Linz, Austria.

Its aim was to create a network among ClC members and other people involved in the support of asylumseekers. Informative and highly interesting inputs given by an Austrian Jesuit responsible for developing projects in Africa, a local politician responsible for integration in Upper Austria , a Muslim feminist from Vienna as well as the sharing of experiences of a young Afghan asylumseeker and of the support,  ideas and projects  of the  participants widened our horizon.

All in all, the meeting showed the high degree of committment of numerous volunteers who care for asylumseekers and, once again, the importance of networking among the various projects. It was very encouraging and inspiring and made us all richer!