Together for Europe

It is a great sign of these unstable and changeable times that people from protestant, orthodox and catholic churches come together to pray for Europe.The next event organized by Together for Europe will be a prayer from 24 to 25th March in Rome and in many other cities like Ljubljana.

In Europe people are afraid of terrorism, facing waves of migration, and the population is getting older. Our prayers are a natural answer to all of this.  Together with our brothers and sisters from other communities and other religions. Many CLC groups live in the areas that are not purely catholic; many people are even married with protestant or orthodox. To support this prayer and movement I think it is natural for us.

The link of the event is:

We think that “Together  for Europe” is a great challenge for  Europe and also for European CLC. Europe now is more an Economic  construct  than  the space of togetherness far away from the ideas of the founder  fathers of the European community (Schuman, Adenauer, de Gasperi…)

This is also the world day of CLC. Perhaps it would be wise to incorporate this in our celebrations  or to support the movements which will organize the prayer.

Together with other movements, we will organize a prayer in Ljubljana and we will try to actualize the main theme for our country (prayer for reconciliation in our nation) and pray for Europe that it may not only be an economical but also a spiritual community with many gifts and treasures to share.

Especially after the Pope’s visit  to Lund, where there was a meeting between Lutheran and the Pope:,_lutherans/1269368

Andreja Bahovec

CLC Slovenia