New national team for CLC Switzerland

In April 2017 CLC Switzerland had eight candidates for the national team of whom elected six at the national meeting at the Lassalle-Haus in Bad Schönbrunn.

They did not only elect the new national team, but also learned more about how to be in community, understand each other and work better in the German and French speaking groups from different regions in Switzerland.

The new national team: Annelies Stengele, Agnes Oeschger, Jurate Marclay, Helmut Schift, Sœur Marie-Brigitte Seeholzer, Maria John-Sokol, and Catherine Guerbet-Rollin

As Helmut Schift wrote in his letter to the Euro Team:

“There are various charisms amongst us, so there might be some time of transition where we have to try out new ways. There are signs of hope, particularly with new groups starting in the French part of Switzerland. Sœur Marie-Brigitte, from the Ursuline convent in Fribourg, will become our ecclesiastical assistant and the team’s spiritual guide. We also hope that she can contribute not only to the formation of new groups, but also enable the established ones to grow in their Ignatian spirit. The current national team will be bilingual (most of us speak both languages). We also need to learn about how we can be united in difference, and maybe we will see that mutual understanding of how CLC works, both in the French speaking part (with a coordinator and spiritual guide in each group) and those in the German speaking part (with a higher level of self-organization in each group) of Switzerland.”