CLC Ireland Prayer Day

Each year CLC Ireland organises a prayer day for all the members. It takes place in the Manresa house in Dublin, a spiritual centre of the Jesuits. On Saturday 13 May Ann Siew from the Euro Team  attended the event.

As it is a small community most participants came from Dublin and Belfast. Some of them arrived the evening before. With their EA Michael sj we had a contemplative dialogue to close the day or to start the weekend… depending on the perspective J. After this we put drinks and all kind of snacks on the table for a social evening.

The next day – the official Prayer Day – had as theme ‘remembrance’. In the morning we started with a text from the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius (in old and new EnglishJ) After prayer time and review we had a sharing in small groups. It is hard to describe the depth by which participants were individually touched by the Holy Spirit. In the afternoon we had prayer and reflection on our personal memories of CLC in our lives.

We finished the day with a small report of the local communities and a sharing of joys and sorrows. It was a deep and warm meeting full of memory but as for the future, only hopes of a renewal.

Ann Sieuw , Euroteam.