First Swedish National Assembly

On 14 October 2017 about 30 people from Stockholm, and Goteborg met for the Assembly, a foundation one , as it marked the beginning of the official CLC community in Sweden through its members’ adhesion and the election of their coordination team.

It took almost three years to walk the journey towards CLC, thanks mainly to Andreas Carlgren and Fr. Dominik´s commitment and consistency.

Guests at the meeting were Daniela Frank, former CLC world president and now working for CLC Germany and Luisa Bonetti, as representative of the ET. CLC Germany acted as parent national community who, along with Evelyne Maloret´s contribution , assisted Sweden in the formation of Ignatian spirituality and CLC identity and  mission.

The Assembly started with a prayer and then Andreas introduced the pioneering group, reported the history of CLC Sweden and its journey towards partnership in the world community.

After Fr, Dominik´s meditation ( John 20,19- 22 ),there was time for personal prayer and later sharing in small groups  based on the following prompts:

Where are we now ? Description

What does it mean to become a CLC member in the Community ?

Do I have the intention to become part of it, helping out and supporting the community ?

In the plenary, people were encouraged  to freely express their feelings about adhesion. Some more time for personal reflection and prayer and then, after praying the Holy Spirit for guidance, voting the national Exco followed.  There were  5 candidates for 4 posts . Results: Andreas Carlgren president, Yvonne Eldblom vice-president, Joachim Budweg, and Jose David Lopez counsellors.  They are asked if they accept the nomination.

In a following plenary session, the assembly entrusted the new Coordination Team with priorities:

Take initiatives, Formation, International communication  and connection  ,  Spiritual growth to make oneself available for the Community, care about and involve the whole of Sweden, Encourage living relationships not burocracy,  Media Communication, Apostolic activities, Retreats and Family programs .

A website has already been arranged :

At Mass in the small chapel below the assembly hall , the new coordination team received its mandate by the assembly and the blessings by Fr,Dominik sj.The Readings were : ! Cor 12, 4-11and Luke 10, 1- 9

A commemorative dinner followed , a celebration with candles on the tables.