Community weekend in CVX Slovakia

How and where is God with us?

On the weekend 13th -15th of October 2017, second Community weekend of CVX Slovakia took place in Čičmany, little town in central Slovakia. 

About 50 people from CVX Slovakia met at lovely place of nature and traditional architecture to experience a weekend filled with ignatian spirit, encounter and community.

Guest at the meeting was Chris Micallef, former CLC world vice-president and now the president of CLC Malta, as representative of the godparenting country for our community.

The weekend started with a Mass celebrated by our EA, Fr. Bernard Mišovič, SJ and slowly continued with agapé, barbecuing outside. We closed the day with moderated evening adoration accompanied by Fr. Jakub Garčár, SJ.

Main theme for Saturday and the whole weekend was an input texture „How and where is God with us“ composed by Fr. Bernard. The structure of the topic was an ignatian view on life dynamics as it is present in many layers of our lives, connecting the „human“ and „divine“ and how this view enables us to read the footprints of God´s call in all dimensions of our lives. After Fr. Bernard´s speech, there was a time for sharing in small groups based on preceding personal reflection done at local community meetings beforehand and following prompts:

What are the stories of my fear? What happens, when I bring them to God?

What are the gaps in my understanding? How do I overcome them? What it brings?

Where am I vulnerable?

Is this a place of intimacy with God?

How am I creative? Does it contribute to the common good?

Then, as usual, the plenary followed. Representatives of the sharing groups could freely express their feelings about the topic.

Afternoon programme continued with Jakub Garčár, SJ´s presentation of St. Ignatius spirituality – „a way“ of immediate relationship with God. Main point was on how spiritual teaching of St. Ignatius helps us in seemingly unintelligible noise of emotions, movements, and desires to recognize and discern words, sentences – our personal story of God, who desires and attracts us to ourselves.

We experienced a lot of fun as well doing pantomime acting on bible stories in the evening. 

On Sunday morning a new leadership members were introduced as well as a new president of CVX Slovakia (Iveta Vachálková), elected on Slovakia National Assembly on May 20, 2017. They are Anastázia Iľková, Katarína Urbanová, Zuzana Mračniková, Branislav Novák, Ivan Zibala, Ján Turza and Bernard Mišovič SJ – eclesial assistant. New leadership presented development of our national community and the priorities for CVX Slovakia.

The priorities for the next 3 years except regular activities are following: continuous formation for new groups and group guides, spiritual accompanying and exercises, lively relationships between the members and local communities, and Societas Jesu as well, to make them more involved in life of CVX, connection with CLC Malta and world.

As for the members, we register 13 local communities based in 3 major cities, composing of 125 members which meet on regular basis in their groups (weekly or 2 times a month). In addition, there are other 3 groups in smaller cities that are not functioning at this time but they got ignatian spirituality insight/formation or sympathize with CVX and would like to meet in the future.

One of the highlights of the weekend was making the commitments to CVX on the Sunday Mass. There were 9 members who did this as their response to the call of God´s love to be more dedicated to CVX family. This solemn event turned to be one of the most impressive moments of our Community Weekend

We ask you to have our community on your minds and in your prayers.

Best wishes

On behalf CVX Slovakia

Ján Turza

Member of Leader Community